Inktober 2021 Collection

Welcome to the Inktober 2021 Collection! I’ve returned once again to this beloved yearly challenge in a slightly reduced capacity this year due to being busy with my college life. However, I was still determined to deliver some Inktober content and decided to create artwork for 14 of the prompt words, equivalent to two weeks worth of this month long challenge. To fill in for the other days, I created a special 13 piece series depicting the characters from my mushroom world in Halloween outfits! From left to right is Akaji as an elf, Spika as a demon, the trader as a pumpkin, Kei as the blue wizard, Myra as a grim reaper, and Nahmi as a pirate. Additionally, much of my Inktober works this year continued to feature my mushroom characters and their world. I hope you enjoy this year’s Inktober collection!

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