Inktober 2021 Collection

Welcome to the Inktober 2021 Collection! I’ve returned once again to this beloved yearly challenge in a slightly reduced capacity this year due to being busy with my college life. However, I was still determined to deliver some Inktober content and decided to create artwork for 14 of the prompt words, equivalent to two weeks …

My First Youtube Video!

I’ve started creating content for my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! This is my first Youtube video I’m making in collaboration with Smart Art Subscription Boxes, a company that sends out fun mystery art supply boxes once every month! This video challenged me to try something completely new! Go give it a watch! The Link is Below!

Inktober 2020 Collection

This year my Inktober 2020 collection centers around expanding my mushroom world and the characters who live in it, sending us on a series of adventures with the wandering trader and her friend Kei as they journey throughout the world, meet new people, and visit new places. The pieces are based on Jake Parker’s official …

2019-2020 Sketchbook Tour

After eight months of owning this Illo sketchbook, I’ve finally filled the entire book! It’s been a long journey and this sketchbook has easily become one of my closest friends and most valuable possessions. Sometimes the sketches are for finished projects, others are just for fun! Either way this sketchbook is priceless to me. I’ll …

Inktober 2019

Here is my entire Inktober 2019 collection. These pieces were all created using the prompts from Jake Parker’s official Inktober 2019 prompt list! During this challenge I focused on trying different mediums, lining techniques, and improving my style. I hope you enjoy 31 days of 31 drawings!