I have been lucky enough to have a large enough social media presence to be able to work with brands and companies to promote their products or goods on my social media platforms. Here’s examples of collaborations I’ve been a part of and the work made for those collabs!

Sky: Children of the Light (Nov 2022-Dec 2022)

Sky: Children of the Light is a beautiful mobile game promoting friendship, kindness, and compassion in video games. The game is an extremely fun social experience in which players go about the game as childlike spirits of light adventuring and trying to recover the lost memories of spirits throughout the game’s various lands and quests. For this collab I painted who pictures for ThatGameCompany, one painting of my experience enjoying playing the game, and a second painting promoting an in game concert with Norwegian Singer AURORA, running through December of 2022. I posted two Tiktoks creating these paintings promoting the game and the concert.

Muse Kits (Formerly Smart Art) (Sep 2021-Present)

Formerly Smart Art, Muse Kits is the second art supply subscription box company I have worked with (and still am.) Every month Muse Kits sends out a large variety of mystery art supplies in their boxes with the intention to learn new styles, techniques, and learn about new mediums, most of the time ones i’ve never tried or didn’t know existed. Thanks to them i’ve gotten into printmaking and sparked my interest in starting my own printed apparel line! I post monthly Youtube videos promoting their boxes, Tiktok videos, and instagram posts of what I make with the supplies.

Stationery Pal (October 2022-Present)

Stationery Pal is a company that sells Japanese art and stationery supplies for very affordable prices through their online store. I select lots of their products to use in creating my own bullet journal style sketchbook spreads, create art, and get more into journaling. I also post the artwork I make on Tiktok, Instagram, and make Youtube videos unboxing all the supplies I get!

Phomemo Printers (October 2021)

Phomemo is a label and printer company that promotes thermal printing, an inkless bluetooth method of printing that’s more economically friendly and easily portable! They sent me one of their printers and rolls of sticker paper to test and promote on Tiktok.

Get Sketch Box (June 2021)

Get Sketchbox is an art subscription box company that sends mystery art supplies to artists every month to challenge their creativity. I was sent their June box to promote and create some art with on Tiktok and Instagram.

Cross Pens/ Sheaffer Pens (October 2019)

Crosspens reached out to me to collab in 2019 during Inktober to create various Inktober pieces using their pens and inks along with Sheaffer brand products as well. Over half of my Inktober 2019 collection was created using the inks and pens from the company.